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Since 1982, Norma has mediated and litigated hundreds of Family Law cases, including Divorce, Paternity, Custody, Support, Domestic Partnership,and Property matters, and has prepared numerous Property Agreements, including Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements, and Marital Settlement Agreements.


Norma Lambert MacLeod


Norma Lambert MacLeod
Norma Lambert MacLeod is an attorney whose goal is to make the law work in way that is best for all family members, especially important when children are involved. Norma believes in resolving matters as efficiently and fairly as possible.



  • Norma is extremely efficient and speedy……. she surpassed our wildest expectations. She helped my former husband and me navigate through the daunting process of a divorce, with grace, ease and simplicity. She is warm and compassionate, sensitive and patient. She really knows her stuff and she works in a timely manner with great flexibility. We delayed this process for many years and put it on hold because the task and thought of dealing with lawyers always seems to drain us, but working with Norma was simply a piece of cake.

    Nancy H.
  • Norma helped me with a civil court case. She quickly had a complete understanding of my situation which was unique and complicated. I was really impressed by the options Norma gave me and how strategic was in helping me with my situation. She is very experienced, professional, and easy to communicate with.

    Kerry H.
  • Norma has been more than an attorney but sincerely feels like family. We shared in sadness, confusion and frustration; more than that we shared in happiness and victor! She has done an outstanding job of keeping us calm and focused and followed law and put us clearly in our place and told us exactly how to act and behave and rise above it all.

    She is not only a professional you might hire; she will be the best advocate in your corner always pushing you to never throw in the towel! If you hire Norma, you have joined a winning team!!!

    Thank You Norma! You have changed our lives and made it a much better sweet and stable place!

    Sincere Love,
    Daniel and Stephanie Zielin

    Stephanie Z.
  • She is my courtroom spirit animal. With leopard print stiletto platforms & her lioness hair, I was put right at ease, which is not an easy feat.

    I’m so thankful to have found Norma, I can’t take the credit though, it was a friend of a friend. Norma is a very calming & genuine person with lack of bullshit. She will not feed you a line so you choose her as your attorney. And her experience brings a bit of foresight to the table, which is incredibly necessary. Most of her communication is via e-mail, which is helpful for processing.

    When I had my consultation with Norma, I had to divulge things I never thought I could & she made me feel ok about it without being condescending or anything negative. She was compassionate with a touch of stern & I appreciated it.

    M. G.