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M. G.

March 22, 2017

She is my courtroom spirit animal. With leopard print stiletto platforms & her lioness hair, I was put right at ease, which is not an easy feat.

I’m so thankful to have found Norma, I can’t take the credit though, it was a friend of a friend. Norma is a very calming & genuine person with lack of bullshit. She will not feed you a line so you choose her as your attorney. And her experience brings a bit of foresight to the table, which is incredibly necessary. Most of her communication is via e-mail, which is helpful for processing.

When I had my consultation with Norma, I had to divulge things I never thought I could & she made me feel ok about it without being condescending or anything negative. She was compassionate with a touch of stern & I appreciated it.